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The Romteck Fuel Management System (FMS), supports a large number of mix and match networking options that can be combined in a number of ways.

Several of these communications options can support both fixed and mobile installations or provide a redundant communication path if combined.

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Ethernet Fibre WiFi GSM/3G Radio Modem Satellite RS-232

Ethernet / CAT5

This has become the most requested method of connectivity. It is secure, robust and relatively simple to install. The Ethernet option is provided as a plugin module with the console and presents a single RJ45 (CAT5) connector inside the enclosure.

Fibre Optic

Fibre Optic networks are excellent for electrically noisy environments and provide isolation for intrisically safe systems. Our Fibre Optic interface supports either Multi mode Fibre (MMFO) or Single Mode Fibre (SMFO).

WiFi 802.11b/g

For sites that have an existing WiFi (802.11) wireless network, then this options provides a cost effective solution removing the need for installation of communications cables.

The Romteck WiFi module will connect to 802.11b through to 802.11g protocols in the 2.4GHz spectrum. It provides bulletproof wireless security with IEEE 802.11i-PSK,WPA-PSK, TKIP 256-bit AES – end-to-end encryption.

A range of WiFi antennas can be provided on request, but most installations work extremely well with a small colinear mounted on the console

GSM / 2G / 3G

For sites that have GSM 2G or 3G coverage then the Fuel Management console can be supplied with this option. The tiny Romteck 2G/3G module usually only requires a small external antenna fitted to top of the console.

Radio Modems - VHF / UHF

Romteck has had over 20 years experience in supplying either licensed or "free to air" radio systems to customers on minesites.

Our services can range from sourcing and recommendations of a radio and antenna solutions to suit your needs to installation of large multi-node systems.

The Fuel Management Console utilises a half duplex method of communications so will easily work with many of the slow data rate long haul single frequency radio modems.

Public Switched Telephone Network or PSTN Modems

The PSTN network although slowly being phased out still provides an effective method of networking.

This form of networking is still alive and well on many older minesites that are spread over many kilometres.

Satellite Iridium

Romteck offer the satellite communications to solve some of those impossible locations where there is no network or phones available.

Often companies will want a uniform solution across a minesite but have blackspots in communication that cannot be fixed due to future plans for the site.

The satellite option can either provide a temporary or long term solution, the main expense in this form of communications is the monthly data transaction fee which stops when this module is disconnected

RS-232/RS-485 Cable

This is an extremely simple form of communication and is offer as a solution to a simple scenario where the Fuel Management Database is within close proximatey to the Fuel Management Console

RS-232 3 wire connectivity will provide a range of up to 25 meters. Whilst RS-485/RS-422 will work over several hundreds of meters