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Engine Hours RFID reader

The Fuel Management System (FMS) can be integrated with a smart RFID tagging system that can obtain the Engine Hours or custom data from a machine or vehicle that you are refueling.

In the process of making a refueling transaction the FMS will not only validate the vehicle but also extract the current engine hours and associate it with the refueling transaction.

The information can then be obtained via the Fuel Management Database Software

Totalisers and Remote Display Units

Romteck has a number of NMI approved totaliser products that have been designed for the harsh mining environment.

These range from small single LCD displays, to large panels of 8 LCD displays designed for large Service/Lube Trucks, that issue 8 different fuels and fluids

The Totaliser can present a number of values such as:

Integrated GPS Tracking System

Tracking Software

Due to environmental concerns and new government legislation into carbon footprint, there is an increasing need to track the location of where fuel is used as well as the type and quantity of fuel.

The Romteck Fuel Management System can be supplied with an integrated GPS that will record the locations of the fuel issues. This is intended for service/fuel trucks that dispense fuel to a number of minesite locations and need to be tracked to record what was dispensed and where.

Flow Meter Interfaces

Romteck can provide a number of interface options for the following meters

Tank Level Monitoring

The Fuel management system can also provide tank level monitoring via any 4-20mA interface such as:

The tank level monitoring also supports odd shaped tanks.

Receipt Printer

This product was mainly developed to allow the issue of receipts from a mobile service vehicle / fuel truck.

The receipts printed contain all the standard information: