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The Fuel Management System (FMS) provides a number of security and restricting mechanisms, that either restrict or limit the amount of fuel/fluids issued to a person or vehicle

Some of the security is specifically with gaining access to fuel/fluid where the FMS will not enable the pump or outlet unless a key and a number of checks have been validated.

Another area of security is to limit the amount of fuel/fluid that can be issued to a vehicle or person within a given period, or given engine hours or odometer reading.


To augment the operating system security and provide some access restrictions, the FMS Database requires a password to be entered to either gain access to the configuration and management or to shutdown the FMS data collection services.

Audit Trail and Logs

A logging system provides an audit trail of changes that occur in FMS database. This reduces the possibility of errors or tampering with system at any point between receipt of bulk fuel to the reconciliation.


The console can provide a number of security access methods. Many of these methods can be assigned to a vehicle or asset or to a person

Radio Frequency IDentification (RFID) Tag

The RFID tag provide a method of identifying any asset of vehicle on a site. Each asset can be fitted with any number of RFID tags

The RFID tag reader can read tags mounted on vehicles and other assets such as gensets and lighting towers from up to 30 meters away, depending on the type of tag required.

Dallas Key

The Dallas key, has been an extremely popular method of security. It is a simple fob type key that can be attached to the vehicle keyring or worn by personell

Pin Code / Password

The Pin Code or Password, security option is standard with all Romteck FMS consoles. This is usually used in conjunction with either the Dallas Key or RFID tag to identify both person and vehicle with each transaction

HID Proximity Card Reader

There are a number of Access control, proximity cards on the market. We have a number of options available to support the majority of them including, Indala®, Cardax and Motorola Flexpass™

This will allow you to integrate your site access cards, gate cards or personnel identity card with the Fuel Management System.

Biometrics Finger Print Reader

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