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Alarm Monitoring Software

Romteck has developed an Alarm Monitoring, database software package called Firemon.

Firemon Firemon is designed to allow monitoring of distributed alarms, typically Fire Indicator Panels or other similar devices and to provide alerting and information relating to the exact nature of the alarm at a central monitoring point. Alarm logs are maintained for each alarm to enable the history of the alarm as well as acknowledgments and test histories to be examined.

The alarm screen caters for 12 inputs for each Alarm Transponder Unit and these are individually prioritised as high priority (Primary) or lower priority (Secondary) with differing colours for each type of alarm and their active status. To assist in locating the exact position of the active alarm, upto 5 levels of floor plans are available to graphically illustrate the exact location of the alarm, with the operator being able to place individual alarm icons on the plan as well as the location of the ATU/Fire Indicator Panel.

These drawings are created by the operator using simple, commercially available drawing packages or if required for more complex requirements they may be scanned in. Also provided is local building information and any operator entered particulars that may relate to special hazards or conditions.

All information and alarm descriptions are able to be customised to the particular site by the operator. On screen procedures relating to the actions necessary for a Fire and Fault situation are available to assist the operator in the course of events to follow in the event of an active alarm.

Romteck Grid

Romteck Grid Pty Ltd is an all-Australian owned joint venture bringing together the proven and highly renowned equipment of Romteck Australia Pty Ltd (Perth) and the monitoring expertise of Grid Security Services Pty Ltd (Sydney).

Romteck Grid's services cover New South Wales, ACT and Victoria

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