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Fire Systems Fire Monitoring Fire Networking Alarm Signaling

Fire systems networking structure can be built on a combination of 4 main communication groups as follows:

Internet Protocol (IP) network. Connect via Ethernet (CAT5) to a Local or Wide Area Network (LAN /WAN).

Copper wire based network. Phone Line (PSTN) or Leased Line communications.

Fibre Optic network. Can be either Multi Mode Fibre (MMFO) or Single Mode Fibre (SMFO).

Radio (RF) or Wireless network. VHF/UHF licensed radios and includes mobile communications such as GSM, 3G and 2G.

Concentrators / MUX

RM2000 – Concentrator

RM2100 – Alarm Concentrator / MUX

The RM2100 Series Concentrator is a 19”x 6U high unit designed to provide all the required functions of an Alarm Concentrator within a ROMTECK Alarm Monitoring network. The RM2100 is used to concentrate the dedicated communication lines from multiple, remotely located, Alarm Transponder units in buildings to a single communication line for transferring to a central monitoring site or in stand alone and failsafe systems the RM2100 allows local alerting and monitoring of the Alarm network.

RM2105 – Concentrator

The ROMTECK RM2105 CONCENTRATOR is a purpose designed unit specifically for Direct Brigade Alarm monitoring of Fire Indicator Panels (FIP) and sprinkler systems in small country towns, industrial complex, mine sites, airports, military installations or institutional applications.

The RM2105 allows connection of up to 16 dedicated leased lines for connection of a maximum of 8 ROMTECK ALARM SIGNALLING EQUIPMENT units (ASE, PPU or ATU) per line and giving the unit a capacity of up to 128 ASE devices or buildings. Each ASE can accept up to 8 inputs, these can be individually defined as Primary or Secondary alarms, therefore providing a powerful, and cost effective solution to remote alarm monitoring.

Alarm Concentrator

RM2105RF – Concentrator with radio interface

RM2105PLUS – Concentrator

Dual mode - One is master and one is slave (for redundancy)

RM8914 – Concentrator

LDU – Line Driver Unit

RM2021 – FSK LDU

RM2106 – SMFO (Single Mode Fibre Optic) LDU

Sits between concentrator and multiple (daisy chained) ATUs and takes work load away from the concentrator. Supports 8 x s/mode ATUs. Available in several configurations of single & multi mode fibre optic.

Alarm Concentrator Alarm Concentrator Alarm Concentrator

RM2121 Modules

RM2122 – Dual SMFO LDU

Interfaces RM2106 with dual fibre unit

RM2123 Line driver modules

This is a module for RM2100 Concentrators allowing connection of ASE devices to the Concentrator. This model Caters for 16 lines capable of having up to 8 ASE transponders per line and monitoring Indicator Panels & Sprinkler systems.

The RM2123 come is the following varieties


RM2007 – Hayes PSTN MODEM

Cconnects ASEs with concentrators


Used to communicate between concentrator and MUX.


RM2152MP – connects RM8914 Concentrator to series 2000 network

RM2152RF – radio version

Master / Slave Telemetry Unit (MTU/MSU)

RM2119 – MTU/STU broadcast system

The ROMTECK RM2119 MASTER/SLAVE TELEMETRY UNITS (MTU & STU) are microprocessor based intelligent units designed to allow cost effective remote monitoring and control over leased or dedicated telecom lines. Typical uses being Fire Indicator Panels, Pump Control, Remote Lighting etc.

The RM2119 is designed using the latest technology and operates over any present and anticipated transmission media, ie dedicated copper or fibre optic, leased line, and Radio using FSK signalling techniques. The integrity of the link is enhanced through the use of Error Detection algorithms. The RM2119’s variants can accept up to 20 digital input/output points from switches and relays and provides open collector outputs for operating relays, solid state switches or other devices.

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