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Fuel  management is an area that can provide significant cost savings by knowing which user and which vehicle is using the fuel, eliminating pilferage, allowing better inventory control, providing  leak detection and saving management time collating reports for  tax rebates or  internal cost allocations.

Fuels and lubricants are expensive commodities used in all industrial, transport and mining operations. Substantial cost savings are achieved through effective processes that secure stock, manage use and control distribution. Romteck’s Fuel Management System (FMS) tracks fuel from initial delivery through internal transfers to dispensing and provides comprehensive process reporting.

Romteck has drawn on sixteen years experience in providing FMS systems to many major organisations and has developed software and hardware solutions to provide a cost effective,  state of the art Fuel Management System.
The FMS software allows all fuel issuing transactions to be automatically collected from the remote FMS consoles and provides the ability to view and print numerous reports and graphs including tank balances, user and vehicle usage, odometer discrepancies, cost centres etc. The system can be customised by the user to suit their exact requirements and can remotely upload and download changes to database information without the need to attend the fuelling point. This information includes User ID, Vehicle ID, PIN numbers, vehicle odometer and engine run hours limits, service details, fuel quantities, to name a few.


Tracking fuel from supply through to equipment.

FMS Flow


FMS Fuel Farm System

FMS System flow

FMS Service vehicle system

FMS System flow


Romteck’s Fuel Management Systems are certified by the Australian Government National Measurement Institute (NMI) for trade use.

A pdf copy of the Certificate of Approval can be obtained below.